Mini-Thon Planning Underway to Exceed 2017 funds - For the Kids

    Cedar Cliff will be hosting its annual Mini-THON this year Feb. 17- 18 from 8 p.m.- 8 a.m. which is quickly approaching. With seniors Grace Ghiazza and Sophie Miller as this year’s overall captains of the mini-thon committee, changes can be expected in the event.

    They have set this year’s fundraising goal for this non-stop, 12-hour event at $80,000, with hopes to break last year’s total of $59,067.55.

    Co-captain Ghiazza says this goal is “very ambitious” but she will “still be proud of everyone who participated and thankful for everyone who supported us.”

    In preparation for this huge event, many smaller fundraising opportunities have been hosted in order to fundraise even further. Many restaurants have allowed fundraising nights for Cedar Cliff Mini-THON where a percentage of each meal is donated to the organization and put towards the overall fundraising goal. Restaurants like The Cru, Bob Evans, Texas Roadhouse, and Sweet Frog have hosted events these events throughout the year.

    Ghiazza and Miller have some fun, new events coming to Cedar Cliff this winter. The newest of these additions is Cedar Cliff’s first annual Mr. Cedar Cliff Man Pageant.

    The event will be held Jan. 27. “We are planning to have 10 senior boys to compete in various competitions, including a trivia section and a group dance,” said Ghiazza. This first-year event is expected to shed an exciting light on this year’s Mini-THON.

    Ghiazza also said, “We will also be hosting a Red Land vs Cedar Cliff faculty basketball game on February 15th, in which teachers from both schools will be competing.” This event will be a way to fundraise in conjunction with our school’s biggest rival, while also seeing some teachers compete for a good cause.

    As publicized by the CC Mini-THON social media pages this past fall, there was a spirit-wear order held online. Everything from sweatshirts, to hats, to even jackets were available for order. A portion of the price charged for these items was put towards the fundraising goal.

    In case anyone missed this order session, another order session will begin in January. Interested students should check Mini-THON’s social media pages for more information on this order and for the link to the website.

    With the numerous additions of Mini-THON events, the changes should contribute to a fun-filled THON experience this year. Ghiazza and Miller urge everyone to mark their calendars for Feb. 17-18 to support the fight against pediatric cancer. 

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