Farm Show Milkshakes 'Fill a Glass' for Pennsylvanians in Need

   It’s the most wonderful time of the year for central PA, and that means it is Farm Show week.

   The largest indoor agricultural event in the country, 2018 marks the 102nd PA Farm Show. People of all ages come from across the country to celebrate the various aspects of agriculture in Pennsylvania. 

   For Cedar Cliff students, what is perhaps the best part of the event is found in the food court—the famous Farm Show milkshakes.

   With agriculture being a bustling industry here in the “snack food capital of the world,” it may be surprising to hear that many families in Pennsylvania go hungry. One in five children in Pennsylvania face hunger every day.

   Determined to help the issue, Feeding Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association partnered with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, and the result was something sweet. In 2016, at the opening of the 100###sup/sup### PA Farm Show, the team launched “Fill a Glass with Hope”—a non-profit organization committed to providing fresh milk to Pennsylvania families in need.

   At many food banks, fresh milk is an afterthought—a luxury rather. It is perishable and expensive to keep; therefore, few people donate milk and many families do not receive it. Fill a Glass raises funds to purchase of milk from dairies at a discounted price to distribute to those in need.

   Funds are raised through donations, sponsorships, and most notably, the PA Dairymen’s Association Milkshake stands. For each milkshake purchase, $1 is directly donated to the cause, and each dollar equates to 8 servings of fresh milk given to a family in need.

   “Since its inception in 2015, Fill a Glass with Hope has provided more than 4 million servings of fresh milk to Pennsylvania families facing hunger, but we need more,” said Feeding Pennsylvania executive director Jane Clements-Smith. “Feeding PA is dedicated to providing healthy options and all know how critical milk and its nutrients are to growing young minds and bodies,” she said.

   This is just one of the many important things happening at Farm Show that is worth looking into.  

   Now you can feel good about waiting in line for a famous shake, for never has there been a sweeter way to help the less fortunate.

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