Time Flies (satire)

        Time Flies is a very serious piece commenting on the state of society and the beliefs of man as a whole. In the first panel, the background color is light. This represents the life we posses as well as the optimism. The bird clutches the money in its bill to show man’s ambitions and constant need for validation through the accumulation of wealth. The sunglasses represent how it is not what is on the inside by which we judge one’s character, but by the cosmetic facade we put up with our money. The eyes are often viewed as the window to the soul, and that is why they are covered; we hide our true selves from the public.

The next panel is a softer color, to show the slowing of life as we age. The bird however, is not calm, but screaming. This shows how society cracks us and breaks us down as a whole. The violent and vibrant red represents the stress and anxiety we all experience as we realize that man’s fruitless chase for wealth is all in vain.

And in the final panel, pink: the sunsets of our lives as we fade away. The bird’s coloring makes it difficult to see. As in real life, our elders begin to fade into the background, their plights often ignored despite being the most suited to lead the younger generation from falling victim to the same fate. Again, his eyes are covered. Not to hide his soul from the public as in the beginning, but because the public has given up on seeing his soul. Despite this, the bird is now relaxed as he realizes the true meaning of life is simply to enjoy, and not to worry about the race in which the youth is so irrevocably invested.

The piece features bird as opposed to man himself because man so often fails to realize the similarities that he shares with the rest of the animal kingdom. This piece was made to serve as a reminder and an informer; man is not as far along as he leads himself to be. We are all a product of nature and must stop to enjoy what nature has put out for us to enjoy.

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