Lancers v. Caseys: SJV Football Takes on RBC

As the 2016 football season continues, the most anticipated game for two football strongholds rapidly approaches. On Oct 21, the Saint John Vianney Lancers will take on their rival team, the Red Bank Catholic Caseys. Being two of the most well-known catholic high schools in Monmouth County’s sports history, each school respectively looks forward to this competition with an eager sense of pride and desire to win.

Through the  2014 and 2015 seasons, SJV and RBC dominated the Shore Conference. Going back to 2003, the two teams have played each other only five times, and RBC has always come up on top; that was until last year when the two teams went head to head in the Non-Public Group 3 semifinal.

As the most anticipated game in SJV’s winning 2015 season, the Lancers went into their rival game undefeated, and with intent to win. For the first time since 2003, SJV came out on top, with a shocking score 49-6.

Even through the blinders of the rivalry, members of each team spoke highly of each other prior to the game. According to the Asbury Park Press, Eddie Hahn, RBC’s quarterback said  “He’s making throws you don’t see normal high school quarterbacks make,” in regards to Anthony Brown, SJV’s star quarterback, who at the time was committed to Boston College.

When speaking about Hahn, SJV’s cornerback Khalil Haskin said “He makes plays in and out of the pocket, he always has his eyes down the field...We’re just going to have to cover until the whistle blows.” Both teams went into the game knowing that it was going to be a fight for the win.

Though RBC was the popular choice to win the game, SJV dominated the field and pulled off a convincing win.  Approximately 1000 fans from SJV and RBC combined attended the game that was held on SJV’s home turf.

Now, in the 2016 season, the two teams will face off once again . This game, however, will take place during the regular season, rather than the playoffs. The game will be held again on SJV’s home turf with the anticipation of an intense game and SJV’s high hopes to once again take down RBC.

(UPDATE: SJV took down RBC 41-21. The Lancers move on with a record of 7-0 on the season.)

Hi! My name is Stephanie Fragoulias and I am a Junior at Saint John Vianney High School.  This is my first year writing for the school paper, the Lancer’s Point.  I’m excited to begin this process, since I love to be involved in the school community.  I have been on the Varsity Dance Team since freshman year, as well as being a member of clubs.  Freshman year I joined the Social Justice Club, and as of last year I am one of the club officers.  I am also in the Ambassador Club, and volunteer my time at school events.  I am excited to begin my first year as a journalist!

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