Student Artist of the Week: Violet Kertis

Name: Violet Kertis

Grade: 12th

Medium: Oil on Canvas 

Q: What art classes have you taken at Ridley?

Art 1, Drawing, Painting 1, AP Studio Art

Q: How have you grown as an artist during your time at Ridley?

I started by taking drawing classes and sincerely thought that I didn't have an ability to paint. I actually took painting because I wanted to challenge myself and see if I was able to do it. I found that I'm actually pretty good at it and I find it more enjoyable at times than drawing. I am still learning color theory and how to use color accurately to portray skin color.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of creating art?

It's rewarding when people tell me the composition or content of my pieces is interesting or beautiful to them because I feel like I put a lot of time and originality into it. I try to combine my desire to bring realistic images with things dealing with nature -- to create a new perspective.  

Q: What's the biggest challenge?

Telling myself when to stop. I find sometimes if I keep going I'll mess up what I've already created. Specifically with faces, I try to make it look as realistic as possible but I find it challenging to accept and appreciate my own abilities and artistic style.

Q: What's the most difficult part of creating a self-portrait?
My nose. I actually wasn't able to paint my nose until this year. My portrait from last year has a nose but it's not my nose. I think if such a prominent detail is off, it takes away the quality and it doesn't accurately capture a face.

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