PVHS Mini-Thon by Hailey Z

Mini-THON is falling into place as everyone participating helps with fundraising both individually and as a group.

            On February 17th, the district will be holding a 12 hour dance marathon in order to raise money for Four Diamonds and Penn State Children’s Hospital

            “Students will commit to fundraising for this worthy cause and not sit for 12 hours,” said Elizabeth Gesualdi, advisor for Mini-THON, via email. “By staying on our feet the whole time we will experience only a fraction of what a child with cancer goes through.”

            The committee plans to have many Fundraisers that will begin before the event and help contribute to the goal of $40,000 as a district, which we hope to exceed.

            “The high school is planning to raise $10,000,” said Gesualdi. “We will be holding a variety of creative fundraisers leading up to Mini-THON. Each participant will also be responsible for fund raising.”

            With the help of the students involved, our school is planning to raise as much money as possible for this important cause.

            “Our goal is modest compared to what other schools have been able to achieve, but PV is different,” said Gesualdi. “We are the only district in which every school is holding a Mini-THON. Every dollar is important and every penny goes to helping a child in need.”

            With six committees and 50 students planning mini-THON, the district hopes to see a turnout of over 400 students.

            “It is our hope that many students will be a part of mini-THON and make February 17th the beginning of a new tradition here at PVHS” stated Gesualdi.

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