Morgan Wallen’s Controversial Comeback

By now, we’ve all heard the news of country singer Morgan Wallen’s drunken racial slur. In a world where cancel culture lurks in the shadows waiting on its prey, it was no surprise that Wallen fell victim to the onslaught of enraged fans and disapproving label executives.

Just as the “The Voice” runner-up was on his swift ride to the top of the charts with his long-awaited album “Dangerous: The Double Album” and planning a US tour, TMZ captures Wallen on a drunken bender with his friends as he drops the n-word. Yes, the big one.

As a result, he was suspended indefinitely from his record label, dropped from hundreds of radio stations, banned from the ACM Awards, and was looked down upon by the entire country music community -- and the music industry in general.

Though, fans looked to the response of the diverse end of country music. Mickey Guyton, the most talked-about black female country singer in the industry, took Wallen’s mental health into consideration.

She wrote on Twitter, Watching anyone fall from grace is a terrible thing to see, people must all be given a chance to change. Morgan must feel the weight of his words but completely throwing someone away is detrimental to anyone’s mental health.” 

Social media at this point is divided. Some fans make the claim that rappers use racial and sexual slurs all the time-- but see no consequence no matter their race. They believe that Morgan Wallen should simply be slapped on the wrist and his career should not be run into the ground. Others believe that this is unacceptable and no apology should justify his actions. As Wallen explained, being on “... hour 72 of 72 of a bender..” should not excuse this behavior either.

 It seems that even now, he is in high demand. Hesitant on whether they would receive backlash, an Eastern Tennessee radio station took a survey of its listeners to gather data on whether Morgan Wallen’s music should get played on the radio. The popular vote said yes. The head of the radio station states that "While nobody liked the behavior, we are a radio station — not in the censorship business." 

So Morgan Wallen is slowly making a comeback, though controversial, he has three songs in the top 20 on the Billboard Country charts. Did social media actually cancel Morgan Wallen, or is he making a quick getaway? 



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