The Impact of the Mercury Retrograde

In the past few weeks, have you found yourself thinking about a certain person from your past? Have you thought about contacting, or even messaging the person who you may have  fallen out with? This might have been caused by the Mercury in Retrograde. 


What is Mercury retrograde? 

Retrograde means to go backwards. So, quite literally, Mercury in retrograde is when Mercury orbits the sun backwards. Since Mercury only takes 88 days to orbit the sun, while Earth takes 365 days, Mercury in retrograde occurs a few times a year. 


How does it affect us?

In astrology, Mercury is the ruler of all things communications, intellect, and awareness based. So, when Mercury is in retrograde, you can expect all aspects of communication to be at a low level. Your awareness of who to talk to will cause you to talk to people you should not. If you and your ex-best friend ended your friendship on bad terms, it’s suggested not to act on your thoughts, as it will only end horribly. You may think it’s a good idea, but since your awareness and intellect are backwards, so is your sense of judgement. 


What Should You Do?

Carefully decide what moves you’re going to make. In the scenario where you truly want to communicate with someone you probably shouldn’t be communicating with, it might be helpful to list out pros and cons, or wait until the retrograde passes and see if you’re still interested in talking to them! When Mercury is in retrograde, experts suggest self-reflection and taking time for yourself instead of others. Now is also a great time to not make major commitments or decisions on a whim. 


Mercury Retrograde Dates 2021

While the first retrograde ended on February 21, there are two others spanning from May 29 to June 22 and September 27 to October 23. 


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