Does Baking Reduce Anxiety?

With everyone stuck inside the past year, people tried to find ways to occupy their time and baking became a popular outlet.

Baking is an excellent way to get a sense of routine, which humans crave. Since the pandemic has taken a large toll on society, many psychologists say that baking is very effective in reducing anxiety.

According to psychologists, baking activates our five senses. Having your work be perceptible causes everyone to feel a sense of accomplishment. Psychologists have also come to the conclusion that baking keeps one focused and engaged. Being focused and engaged generates your mind to not go into space and worry about other things going on around you. 

For many people, baking is more than just getting the job done, but actually expressing yourself. Registered Dietician, Amber Panokin, can agree with this statement. She claims that using her hands in the kitchen brings out a sense of creativity. 

Coping Mechanisms are supposed to be a fun way to relieve anxiety, and putting a personal aspect into it will make one feel inclined to keep it up. A personal component is an effective way of feeling included and wanted in anything one may do. 

In an interview with 10/11 NOW Panokin stated, “I think right now, with everything going on, baking is a great way to get the attention off of your phone and your computer and back in the kitchen. You have to pay attention to detail when you're baking because baking really is an exact science.” 

Even though cooking is often seen as a form of art, psychologists say baking is primarily a form of science. They say conducting tasks like baking which require attention and rewarding outcomes, is beneficial for one’s mental health. 

There are multiple aspects where baking can be stressful. These aspects include: making sure you have all the ingredients, trying to keep a clean workspace, and the time it takes. When all of those things are added up, it sounds like a lot of work. Meanwhile, with the right amount of time and patience, baking can be a stress-free hobby to get your mind off the hardships in life. 

Baking can be a coping mechanism in many ways. Whether it’s an act of boredom, a stress reliever, or even a way to make a great first impression. Therefore, make all the brownies, cookies, and pies you want because they’ll taste just as good as you feel. 

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