The Mission Behind Reps for Vets Apparel

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Veteran suicide is a solemn topic that can easily go overlooked. On average we lose twenty-two veterans a day to suicide in the United States, that’s roughly 8,030 deaths a year. That’s 8,030 lives taken from American families. Why is it a rarity to see resources for these vets? Apparel company Reps for Vets is taking a stand against the odds and making a difference.

Reps for Vets Apparel is a veteran-owned and operated apparel company founded by Justin Dorr. When asked what his motivation was to start the company he says “I got really tired of seeing service members and my brothers and sisters in arms coming home from war and taking their own lives.” Those who go into the service often describe it as a family and Dorr remarks that “The military trains us to go to war but not how to come home.”   

Founded in 2018, the company started in Oregon and has reached 19 states and 40 cities. In just two years the company has grown a following of over 1500 supporters, but they are not stopping there. The company is shooting to reach all 50 states by the end of 2021. They also plan to open stores in Oregon and on the east coast.  

Another quality that makes this company successful and extremely unique is its diversity in its ambassadorship and affiliate programs on social media. I have the honor of being an ambassador for the company. Forming these partnerships not only promotes the company but opens up the conversation of the mission with fellow ambassadors. Those involved are a wholesome group of veterans, active military servicemen and women, workout gurus, and parents who all come together to support the mission.

With a range of reasonably priced sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even hats, 5% of all proceeds go to veteran non-profit organizations. Their motto “Fight for what you believe in, but most importantly fight for those who believe in you” speaks volumes for the Patriots of the United States. By simply buying an item from their website or Instagram link, you can be a contributor to the cause and make a difference. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for the company, you can contact the company directly on Instagram at @repsforvetsapparel

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