Adoption is Always the Best Choice

As claimed by the ASPCA, 3.3 million dogs get brought into a shelter each year in the United States. These dogs are being born with no place to sleep or eat and waiting for their day to be adopted.


During quarantine, many people adopted or purchased dogs to relieve their boredom and to find companionship. Yes, getting a dog can be like finding your new best friend but adoption is best for everyone. The benefits from adopting from a rescue shelter rather than purchasing from a store or a breeder are many.


  1. Saving a Life

The number 1 benefit of adopting a rescue dog is that you saved an animal’s life. This is a great way to improve your mental state. You are that dog's hero and it is an appreciable feeling. Even if you are adopting from a no-kill shelter, if a dog is not being adopted quickly enough it will be moved from shelter to shelter. Once a dog is adopted, there is more space for another animal to be saved.


  1. Loyalty 

Rescue dogs tend to have an intense loyalty to their new owners. Once they feel secure in their new home, an unconditional loving bond is developed between the dog and owners. These dogs know what it is like to be unwanted, so to feel loved by their new owners will greatly impact them.


  1. Eliminating Puppy Mills

You can be a part of making puppy mills less relevant with the hope of eventually eliminating them. Puppy mills are breeding facilities that barbarically treat dogs by not providing them the basic needs.  This helps keep the puppy mills cost low, but they sell these puppies at a premium price. A puppy mill dog can sell anywhere from $500 to $3,000 compared to a $50 to $150 rescue dog. By adopting at a rescue shelter, you are helping the community by refusing to put dogs under these circumstances. In addition, adoption houses are more concerned about finding the right family fit for the dog versus a breeder or a pet store.


  1. Sociable Dogs 

According to a study from Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, shelter dogs are more sociable compared to regular dogs. Shelter dogs play with other dogs every day and have a lot more human exposure. Dogs purchased from pet stores are harder to train due to the fact they are not used to people. Training takes up a lot of time, so for a dog to be more advanced will prevent some stress on the owner. 


In just a few weeks, these dogs will be considered as a member of your family and it would be hard to imagine your life without them. You may even ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” Not only will you be saving these loving dogs, but they will also be saving you.

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