Psychology Symposium

          On Monday the 11th of September, Lee had an open symposium(banquet with conversation) for neurological disorders. Posters,slide shows, and brochures were shared through the cafeteria during fourth block. Ms.Knoxville assigned her psychology classes to choose a disorder such as ALS disease or Tourette's, then create a visual presentations for other classes to view and learn from. The AP government class visited Monday afternoon full of questions. Many of these disorders are common knowledge but students don’t know what causes them or what the symptoms are for example. I watched as students examined closely the presentations and then have a Q and A with the presenter, having to answer questions on a topic you’ve researched helps to gain understanding. This was different then your average poster board being turned into your teacher, the Symposium encouraged conversation about important and serious topics. It is safe to say everybody involved learned something new.

Aspiring Virginian journalist and proud Robert E. Lee and Shenandoah Valley Governors School senior 

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